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Roblox FPS Unlocker

Supported Platforms Windows x86/x64
Version 5.1.0
Updated 20/09/2023

Introduced "Alt-Enter Fix" setting, allowing for FFlagHandleAltEnterFullscreenManually flag configuration in ClientAppSettings.json.

New "Revert Flags on Close" advanced setting added (enabled by default). This ensures any RFU-changed flags revert to default settings upon program closure.

Bug Fixes:

  • Turning off "Unlock Roblox Player" or "Unlock Roblox Studio" now correctly resets FPS caps for previously linked processes.
  • Addressed an RFU abort/crash issue that arose when activating "Unlock Roblox Studio."

Important Note: Engaging the Memory Write unlock mode in Roblox's Hyperion-protected client is erratic and discouraged. While it may function occasionally, anticipate system crashes and errors like "Failed to get process base," "Unable to find TaskScheduler," or "Variable scan failed."